Meet our Counselors and Staff

Our Staff

Our staff and volunteers work both with the treatment and care of our clients and our horses. All of their time is donated and we thank them for all they do.

  • Toni Carman - Retired Psychiatrist MD MAA -Managing the counseling program

  • Morgan Rodehorst - MEd - Managing the Special needs client program with experience in many group home settings and has worked with clients with extreme behaviors

  • Karen DeLuca - MBA - Managing business and affiliations to fund our current programs and extensive expansions planned for our facilities

  • Christy Smith - Managing the healing and recovering program of our four-legged clients

  • Mary Ann Amoroso - Managing all website and computer aspects

  • Paul Amoroso, LMT - Ordained Minister, Reiki Master - Managing the treatment program utilizing the horses, teaching and providing many alternative healing therapies

  • Aaron Clites - Grant writer and therapeutic advisor

Our Counselors

We partner with therapists and counselors who are skilled in working with trauma, especially military trauma and who have experience with the work we do with our horses. Nearly all the money we raise with our charity events goes to paying these counselors for their time and training.

  • Martha McDonald, LPCC - Avenues of Counseling and Mediation - Phone 330-723-7977 -

  • Joseph Krivos, Licensed Professional Counselor and Sole Member Joseph Krivos, LLC - Phone 330-606-9262

  • Ruth Friend - Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor - 3088 Wadsworth Rd, Norton, OH 44203 - Phone 330-760-6293

  • Holly Timberlake, Psychologist, PhD, DCEP - Phone (330) 476-9938

  • Toni Carman, MD, MA Retired Psychiatrist - Medical and therapeutic coordinator -